Harry Bartlett's
Model Car Collection Showcase
By Mark Milosky

Just about any boy who was born in the baby boomer generation (1946-1964)
has more than likely built a plastic model car kit or two. Plastic model cars began to be popular in the early fifties. With companies like Revell, Monogram, Aurora & Strombecker. Plastic model kits hit the market strong! But one in particular, AMT models concentrated on mostly making model car assembly kits. AMT was famous for the 3 in One kits that you could build either stock, custom or racing. There were extra parts in the box for each variation & detailed instuctions on how to build. The most popular size was 1/25th scale.

Long time Coachmen member Harry Bartlett has been kind enough to phograph his lifetime collection of model car kits that he has collected, assembled & painted. He told me he started in the middle 50's & has just kept going over the years. The best part is that he has kept them all!
If you know Harry & see his 1/1 scale cars you see that he is a detailed craftsman. His model car collection is no exception! Harry even photograped many of the original issue boxes that are very rarely seen anymore.
Harry: Many thanks for sharing with us & taking the time to photograph your awesome collection!


Photos by Harry Bartlett

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